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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

vip zone remix contest

for all you producer loooking to get signed!!

Tauski - 10 songs from new album available for remixing !!! VIPZONE CONTEST No. 11

Finnish record label Space Music has teamed up with VIP Zone for the biggest remix contest so far on VIP Zone!

Space Music is home to one of the most famous Finnish pop artist, Tauski,
who's music career has been going on successfully for almost 20 years now,
and he has released numerous #1 singles, plus achieved multiple platinums and golds as an individual artist as well as a producer/song writer! Our singles and albums are currently released by Power Records and distributed by Edel Records.

His newest album called Oranssin Auringon Alla (Under The Orange Sun) was released in January, and the first single from the album, Taas Nuori Oon (I'm Young Again) was a smash hit on radios as well as in the clubs, thanks to remixes from legendary German producer SASH!. Inspired by that success we want to give a chance to all talented artists out there to show their remixing skills and get their work released!

We have uploaded 10 songs from the album Oranssin Auringon Alla for you to remix! The remix-kits include acapellas, lyrics with English translations, and a sample of the original song or a link to a website where you can listen to the original song.

Remixers are allowed to make more than one remix from one song and/or remix more than one of the songs. Also "megamixes" are allowed.
Remixes should preferably be submited in MP3 44kHz 192kbps stereo format.

All remixes must be original and contain elements created by the Remixer. Remixer should not "sample" or use any copyrighted or otherwise proprietary material belonging to any other person or entity. Remixer understands that the results and product of the remix services hereunder do not and will not defame, infringe or violate the rights of privacy or any other rights of any third party. Remixer understands and acknowledges that remixes submitted are property of Space Music Oy and may be used and released only by us.

In additon, remixers are allowed to:
- Use their remixes for promoting themselves to record companies etc.
- Distribute their remixes to radio stations (incl. web radios)
- Play their own remixes on their own gigs etc.
- Add their remixes for listening on their Myspace etc. website for promotion purposes
with the following conditions:
- Remixes can NEVER, under any circumstances, be made available for download
- Track title MUST be in format Tauski - Song Title (Remixers name Remix/Edit/Mix etc.)
- IF some radio station pics up the remix, you have to let us know about it by email

The best remixes will be released on the next single by Tauski and/or IF there will be enough good remixes they will be released on new remixes album from Tauski and/or Oranssin Auringon Alla will be re-released including the best remixes as a bonus.

Plus as usual 3 first winners will receive Vipzone samplepacks, 3 for 1st place, 2 for 2nd place and 1 for 3rd place.

Altough unlimited number of entries per remixer is allowed, only the best entry by the remixer will compete for the prizes offered by VIP Zone.
More than one remix by a remixer can be released on single and/or album though.

Winners of the contest will be announced on this site and on

All questions related to the Remix Contest and release please email Joni "DJ ThunderCrack" Salmi at: thiefraider[at]

Download remix files HERE

Upload your remix (By uploading the remix you accept all the rules!)

Deadline is 15th of June.

Good luck to all of you and greetings from your Finnish friends at Space Music!

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