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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

some music...

bob sinclar-fire ball promo


Arias - Twelve (Noir Shake Remix)

thnkz to adidas...

Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Umbrella (Marcus Schossow Remix

Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Umbrella (Marcus Schossow Remix

bsod new XFR001

deleted by request

thnkz to housert

erick laville

imma make a post with music from this tribal-electro artist due to some request

-eric laville- magnet train
thnkz to cameosis

-eric laville n ricksick - unknown

-eric laville - cuba

-Sebastien Drums, Rolph Dyman - The Pacemaker (Eric Laville Remix)

-Eric Laville - Favelas

-eric laville - electrophone 2006

-riksick - messenger - eric laville remix

-after electro - blow - eric laville

-eric laville - night visions - eric sadic mix

Friday, May 25, 2007



1. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit"
2. Elektro"
3. Same Man"
4. Love Don't Let Me Go"
5. A Bit Patchy"
6. Bucky Done Gun"
7. New York, New York"
8. We Are Your Friends"
9. "Sound Of Disco"
10. "Work This Pussy"
11. "Mas Que Nada"
Side 2
1. "Mama Kossa"
2. "Get Get Down"
3. "Star 69"
4. "Saltshaker"
5. "Flawless"
6. "Thrill Me"
7. "Shout"
8. "Silence"
9. "Rise"
10. "The Party"
11. "Work"

thnkz to maxsilver

Thursday, May 24, 2007

boris an upcoming legend

few have heard about him, a russian master of the tribal sounds, boris comes to miami once a month to nocturnal to make what wecall the best party of the montth...

this interview is from

An Interview with Boris
February 14, 2007 03:17 PM
by pod

For over ten years now, Boris has been playing the scene in New York. Recently, he's started to expand his scope a bit, with regular gigs down here in Miami. With a good deal of production and DJing experience under his belt, 2007 is shaping up to be Boris' year. We sat down for a bit to catch up with him before his next Miami gig at Nocturnal on the 16th of February.

CJ:A little background. I'm gonna venture a guess that you're from some part of Russia? If so, when did you come over to the US?

Boris: Yes, St. Petersburg. I came here when i was 3 years old, I am 33 now.

CJ:Growing up, what were you listening to? Did it play any part in anything you are producing or playing out today?

B:I Was always into different kind of kinds of music raging from Rock, House, Disco, Hip-Hop. It definitely plays a role as I have worked on records for different kinds of artists, raging from Janet Jackson to The Crystal Method.

CJ:Where'd you get your start in the club scene?

B: A Club called Tilt in New York City, in 1992.

CJ:Up until the last year or so, you weren't playing Miami too much, if at all. Suddenly, you've popped up in recent memory at Space, Nocturnal, the old crobar, and a few other places. Is playing out down here part of something new for you?

B: Not really, I have been doing parties in Miami since 1997-98. I use to
do Warsaw once a month on the Wednesdays, and would always come down and do Events for the holiday weekends, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. And yes recently i have been playing more down in Miami on a regular basis.

CJ:We're getting close to Conference time, I see that you're doing your Believe party at Nocturnal this year, anything else on your plate?

B: Yes, my pool party at the Shelbourne on Friday the 23rd, which is called "Get Wet" and will be in it's 3 year as well the Nocturnal party which will be on Saturday, the 24th.

CJ:Believe In Boris, I've seen that at your parties as a theme of sorts, where did that come from?

B:Yes, that is something that was created at Crobar while I was there
and it stuck, so I just decided to name all my parties that.

CJ:Your stock has definitely risen over the past few years. I see your doing some endorsements for Ortofon. Anything else like that lined up for you?

B:I am endorsed by Pioneer as well. I am working on 2 new compilations 1 being for Pacha, my new residency in NY as well a European tour for Pacha that will include stops in Ibiza, Barcelona, London and Manchester and numerous other clubs across the globe. Also, be on the the look out for some of my new original productions in the coming year.

CJ:On the tech side, what do you like to use in the booth these days? Are you investigating stuff like Serato?

B:I'm not really into the Serato thing, even though I am not opposed to it, i still prefer to look at my CD books, and have my music right there where I know I have it laid out.

CJ: Good to know. Thanks again for your time, Boris. We'll definitely check you out this coming weekend at Nocturnal.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

some moree


Tommy Trash & Tom Piper - Fuck To The Bass (Tommy Trash's Yayaya Mix) (electro-house/club)


The Teachers - Is It Love (Normans Zwischen Tuer Und Angel

Pryda - Armed (Original Mix)

Yogen Vocal Remover

YoGen Vocal Remover tries to remove any monophonic components from stereo sounds. Quality of vocal removal depends on how songs are recorded and mixed. This software works very well for vocal tracks that are "up in the middle" of the stereo mix. Other placement of the vocal in the stereo field can not be removed. If songs are not recorded in this way, their vocals are not removed at all. This is why some songs work great while others do not. Unsuccessful vocal removal is mainly caused by music files explained above. They are very closely and importantly related with the quality of removal. Therefore you do not expect this software to remove vocals 100% nicely. In some cases, however, it will be useful enough to remove vocals.

new posts

hey everyone again sorry if i havent been around things have been a little complicated lately im going to be posting as i have some time...

outwork - out of time

Tom Sawyer - The Remixes Part Two
Ripper.: Team DOC Grabber: Eac
Source.: WEB Encoder: Lame 3.97
Style..: Electronic Quality: 320kbps/44,1kHz
Catnr..: ATSUO018 Label..: Atsuo Records
Date...: 26/04/2007 Size...: 31,10 MB


01 Dying Homeless(Jerome Robins & Addy Remix) 07:07

02 Panama (Paco Buggin & Joy Marquez Remix) 06:51

Total Playtime 13:58 min

EBTG.-.Missing.(Whitelabel.Remixes Vinyl 2007)

1.EBTG.-.Missing A1 - Side A.mp3
2.EBTG.-.Missing B1 - Side B.mp3

Dj M G Feat Antonio - Mi Amore [electro House Remix]

Eric Prydz Vs Pink Floyd


є є Artist........: Eric Prydz Vs Pink Floyd
є є Title.........: Proper Education (Pig & Dan Rmx)
є є Label.........: n/a
є є URL...........: n/a
є є Year..........: 2007
є є Genre.........: House
є є Street Date...: 05.2007
є є Release Date..: 22.05.2007
є є Size..........: 16,10 MB
є є Tracks........: 01
є є Length........: 07:24 min
є є Ripper........: Ai
є є Supplier......: TuSH
є є Source........: CDDA
є є Encoder.......: Lame Encoder 3.97
є є Catalognumber.: n/a
є є Quality.......: 320kbps 44.1kHz
є TracK LisT

01.Proper Education (Pig & Dan Rmx) 07:24

Alex Acosta - La Karabina (Tribal Rework 2007 Mix)

laurent wolf= the crow

Artist ....... : Laurent Wolf
Title ........ : The Crow-(DARK017)
Label ........ : Darkness
Catalog ...... : DARK017
Genre ........ : House
Type ......... : EP
Source ....... : Vinyl
Encoder ...... : Lame 3.97 (VBR-NEW V2)
Quality ...... : VBR/44.1kHz/Joint-Stereo
Tracks ....... : 02
Length ....... : 12:30 min
Filesize ..... : 17,10 MB
Ripdate ...... : 01-05-2007

Track list:
01 The Crow (Laurent Wolf & Monsieur Elle Remix) 07:41
02 The Crow (Original Mix) 04:49

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


hey everyone ive had a busy week thats why i havent posted anything imma try to give a lot this week !

Sunday, May 20, 2007


hey everyone here are the requests for this weekkk i hope u guys can give me a hand!!

roadkill - sharam(cedric gervais remix)
La La Land - Green Velvet (armand pena remix)
Just Like I Want - Bad Boy Bill featuring Leslie Carter

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bomb Alert

jerry ropero & michael simon - barimbeo 192

if anyone has this on a better quality please send it!!!

massive tribal electro with brazilian vocals bigg BOMB!

Deep Dish Score Music for Anousheh Ansari's Historic Space Flight

the so waited for!!!

an exctract from

Deep Dish Score Music for Anousheh Ansari's Historic Space Flight
(September 19, 2006)
Grammy Award-winning Production/DJ Act Deep Dish Score Music for Anousheh Ansari's Historic Space Flight
All Profits to be Donated to Non-Profit Organizations
Washington, D.C. - Grammy Award-winning production and DJ duo Deep Dish today announced the recording of 'Be the Change', an eclectic musical work dedicated to Anousheh Ansari's historic Space flight as she became the world's first female private space traveler.
Early yesterday, she took off onboard the Russian Soyuz TMA-9 for a ten day mission at the International Space Station. Ansari lives by the words of Mahatma Ghandi: 'You must be the change you want to see in the world'. She intends for her trip to bring inspiration to young people around the world to pursue their dreams. Sharam Tayebi of Deep Dish, a long time-time friend of Anousheh Ansari, was tapped to provide a musical score for commemorating her mission.

'Anousheh has demonstrated that no dream is too big when you put your heart and soul into it' said Sharam 'my challenge and joy was to create a track that captures the spirit of her mission'. The result is a modern recording dubbed 'Be the Change' which draws upon Ansari's Iranian-American heritage while showcasing Deep Dish's signature sound.
'Be the Change' can be heard on, and and will be released as a single. All profits from this recording will go to non-profit organizations supported by Ansari, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, X Prize Foundation and Ashoka Foundation.



Dj Rigow Rigow...

new track for today

Tom Sawyer - The Remixes Part Two
Ripper.: Team DOC Grabber: Eac
Source.: WEB Encoder: Lame 3.97
Style..: Electronic Quality: 320kbps/44,1kHz
Catnr..: ATSUO018 Label..: Atsuo Records
Date...: 26/04/2007 Size...: 31,10 MB


01 Dying Homeless(Jerome Robins & Addy Remix) 07:07

02 Panama (Paco Buggin & Joy Marquez Remix) 06:51

Total Playtime 13:58 min

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sony Sound Forge 9.0a Build 297

System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4, XP, or Windows Vista™
900 MHz processor
150 MB hard-disk space for program installation
256 MB RAM
Windows-compatible sound card
DVD-ROM drive (for installation)
Supported CD-Recordable drive (for CD burning)
Microsoft DirectX® 9.0c or later (included on DVD-ROM)
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (included on DVD-ROM)
Internet Explorer 5.1 or later (included on DVD-ROM)

Sony Sound Forge 9.0a Build 297

born lost - roger s.

Underworld vs Roger Sanchez - Born Lost

cameosis tracks

much thnkz to cameosis for his contribution to this blogg!!!!

Soulmaniax - What Is What (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix)

Fonzerelli - I Love Music (Yer Man Remix)

Alex Gaudino And Jerma - Reaction (Filthy Rich Remix)

Born To Funk -SODB (Original Mix)

Franky Rizardio - Funky Noise

Decaff and Roland Clark - Helpless (Hott 22 Vcal mix)

some tracks

Artist...: Electric Junkies
Title....: My Drug Is Electro
Genre....: House
Quality..: VBR kbit/ 44,1 kHz
Source...: CDDA
Encoder..: LAME 3.97 (VBR -V2 --vbr-new)
Tracks...: 02
Ripdate..: 10-05-2007
Store....: 14-05-2007

01.My Drug Is Electro (Radio Edit) 03:11
02.My Drug Is Electro (Extended Vocal Mix) 06:10


Thursday, May 10, 2007

mr v. da bump

Release infos:
__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Release Artist.....: Mr V feat Miss Patty
Release Title......: Da Bump
Release Label......: n/a
Release Year.......: 2007
Catalogue No.......: n/a
Genre..............: House
Size...............: 56,2 MB
Playtime...........: 39:36 min

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

01. da bump (sole channel vox) 05:51
02. da bump (fedde le grand s flamingo project remix) 06:28
03. da bump (warren clarke remix) 07:19
04. da bump (masters at work remix) 06:01
05. da bump (ame vs mr v vocal remix) 07:29
06. da bump (ame original remix) 06:28
thnkz to ash up

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Music From Users Of This Blog

Thnkz to THEEND !


Laidback Luke Feat Stephan Granville-Hypnotize__Incl Steve Angello Mix
Stealth Recs


ARTIST...: Axwell, Laidback Luke, Angello, Ingrosso
TITLE....: Get Dumb
REL DATE.: 2007-05-03

TRACKS...: 01 Get Dumb (Original Mix)
02 Get Dumb (Radio Edit)
03 Get Dumb (Mark Knight's Dex Ray Dub)

thnkz to cameosis
Austin Leeds & Nick Terranova - Shake Me (17.39 MB)

thnkz to giorgio

Fedde Le Grand - Ah Yeah

how to beat the time in rapidshare

Here are some hints to help you more efficently use rapidshare. Skipping waiting time and bypassing download limits are rapidshare hacks that everybody should know.

Rapidshare has been an excellent tool for sharing large files. Recently users have discovered ways of bypassing the download limits and skipping the waiting time. Here are a description of these methods.

1. Short-Out the JavaScript:

1. Goto the page you want to download
2. Select FREE button
3. In the address bar put the following: javascript:alert(c=0)
4. Click OK
5. Click OK to the pop-up box
6. Enter the captcha
7. Download Your File

2. You can use a bookmarklet to stop your wait times:

1. Open IE
2. Right Click On This Link
3. Select Add to Favorites
4. Select Yes to the warning that the bookmark may be unsafe.
5. Name it "RapidShare No Wait"
6. Click on the Links folder (if you want to display it in your IE toolbar)
7. Click OK
8. You may need to close and reopen IE to see it
9. Goto rapidshare and click the bookmarklet when you are forced to wait


here are some usefull link to production programs i hope everyone enjoyss

Pro Tools LE 7

Download: ~95 MB

Cakewalk Sonar 1.31

This is an OLD release, but if you don't have those monster machines needed for running the latest apps, here you'll find almost everything that you need from a sequencer....

It only supports DX and DXi, so you need the Cakewalk VST Adapter which I posted Here.

And if you are one of those lucky guys with Dual Core or hundreds of Gigabytes and RAM, this software will handle with almost no limit on tracks, VSTis, VSTs, etc.

sony acid

link 1
link 2
pass- fettrap

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

new links for today

artist : Marengo
title . Tribal America
type : Single
year . 2007
genre : House
subgenre . Progressive
label : South Records
cat . SOUTH023

encoder . Lame 3.97
quality : 320kbps / 44,1Khz / Joint-Stereo
source . WEB

01.Tribal America 06:12

06:12 min 14,2 MB

Artist.....: Soulseekerz Feat. Kate Smith
Title......: Party For The Weekend (Incl Stonebridge Mix)
Year.......: 2007
Label......: n/a
Catalogue :: n/a
Genre......: House
Ripped on..: Apr-20-2007
Quality....: VBR kbps
Size.......: 53,1 MB
Playtime...: 35:22 min
Grabber....: EAC
Encoder....: Lame 3.90.3 APS

01. Party For The Weekend (Soulseekerz 2007 Radio Edit) 02:59
02. Party For The Weekend (Stonebridge Classic Radio Edit) 03:04
03. Party For The Weekend (Soulseekerz 2007 Club Mix) 07:27
04. Party For The Weekend (Stonebridge Classic Club Mix) 07:55
05. Party For The Weekend 06:11
(DJ Bombas Party Hard For The Weekend Mix)
06. Party For The Weekend (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix) 07:46

Artist.....: Michael Morph
Title......: No Mas
Year.......: 2007
Label......: Cubic Records
Catalog....: CUBIC018PR
Genre......: House
Date.......: May-07-2007
Source.....: Digital Download
Quality....: 320 kbps

Track List:

01. no mas (exclusive pre release promo) [09:27]

09:27 min
21,6 MB

Alexkid - Love Letters

Inner City-GoodLife (Eric Prydz Remix)

Patrick Alavi presents basstard slayerz - Goldbass (original_mix)

Quartz - Tzumbae (original mix)

The Lazy Boyz feat. kym_mazelle_- I'm gonna_getcha_bitch_(club_mix)

Jacinta - Cant Keep it a secret (tony_moran_warren_rigg_club_mix)

Andrea Wilde - im_in_love_-_mutiny_club_mix

Diddy Feat. Christina Aguilera - Tell Me (Mr. Mig Club Mix)


SAR_Laera_-_Feel_Like_Dancing_feat.Rose_-_Stranamente_LJ_Himix @

Da_Buzz_-_Take_All_My_Love__Club_Edit @ megaupload

Yves Larock - Nomadic Knights (DJ Dello_mix)

Sandy Chambers- Play My Music (minimal chic big room mix)

Monday, May 7, 2007

some posts

Artist...: Dirty South And Paul Harris Feat Rudy
Title....: Better Day
LABEL....: Vicious Grooves
ENCODER..: 320kbps
SOURCE...: cdda
QUALITY..: 320kbps/44.1kHz
TRACKS...: 01
GENRE....: House

Artist ....... : Ian Carey Pres The Good Guys
Title ........ : Lose Control-(TUMBATA019)
Label ........ : Tumbata Records
Catalog ...... : TUMBATA019
Genre ........ : House

Artist.......: The Homeboys vs Nari and Milani
Album........: Jump Around (RISE370)
Year.........: 2007
Size.........: 30.85 MB
Tunes........: 2
Label........: Rise Records
Catalog No...: RISE370
Genre........: House

Title: Losing You (remixes)
Label: Uomo Italy
Cat No: UOMO 0107
Format: 12"
Released: 19-03-2007
Genre: Minimal, House, Techno

Electrixx - Just A Freak EP [Vinyl-2007]
1. Just A Freak (Orginal) (6:58)
2. Just A Freak (V2) (6:13)
3. Just A Freak (Miles Dyson's Monster Dub) (5:52)
4. Just A Freak (Nudisco Remix) (6:17)

Noisecontrollers - Creatures/Against All Odds [Vinyl-2007]
01.Creatures 05:24
02.Against All Odds 05:06

Zero 3 - Infinity Moonraker [CDS-2007]
01. Infinity 07:39
02. Moonraker 08:07

BK - Its Just A Feeling [Vinyl-2007]

1. It's Just A Feeling (BK's Back To '99 Mix)
2. It's Just A Feeling (Cortina MK 2 Album Mix)
3. It's Just A Feeling (Organ Donors Remix)

Frank Farrell - Dokalis [Vinyl-2007]
01. Dokalis (Marc Johnson Remix) 07:08
02. Dokalis (Original Mix) 07:44

Deep dark beats and a female sexy voice :-)
track list:


thnkz a lot to m_b_studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes U R - Bob Sinclair

Release Artist.....: Bob Sinclar
Release Title......: Yes U R
Release Label......: n/a
Release Year.......: 2007
Catalogue No.......: n/a
Genre..............: House
Size...............: 6,4 MB
Playtime...........: 05:22 min

Gregor Salto & Chuckie - Toys Are Nuts (Remixes)

Gregor Salto & Chuckie - Toys Are Nuts (Remixes)

A1. Toys Are Nuts (Hardwell & Rehab Mix)
A2. Toys Are Nuts (Radio Edit & DJ Tools)
B1. Toys Are Nuts (Dave Moreaux Remix)
B2. Toys Are Nuts (Chuckie Likes It Dirty Remix)

vinyl rips @ 320

Thursday, May 3, 2007



Viva Columbia-Namtrak vs. Chris Zippel

THNKZZZZZ!! if anyone has aany request dont doubt letting me know

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New stutz set!

heres yet an other set of my friend stutz!

Mr V - Put Your Drink Down (Bob Sinclar Remix)
UK - Sensitivity [Cedric Gervais and Second Sun Mix]
Terranova & Austin Leeds - Dirty Sound [Dean Coleman Dirty mix)
Pryda - Armed_My_Life (Anton_K_Vox_Edit)
Martin Ten Velden - 'Wish You Would' (Tom Novys Summer Anthem)
Mark Knight- Columbian Soul (Joseph Durant Edit)
Ian Carey Ft. Rozalla - Faith '07 (In The Power Of Love) (Original mix)
Axwell - I Found You (Remode mix)
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Membrain (Ariel Perazzoli Labotomy Remix)

Sharam vs Fleetwood Mac - Bigger Love (WMC 2007 REMIX)

1000 hitss!!

yes people we have reached 1000 unique hits thnkz everyone for visiting the blog !!!!!

colaborate leaving comments and also sharing with us !!
is always good to leave something as u take something too....!!!

thankz again keep visiting im trying to post dailly and give the best i can !


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Discotekaa Erick E Remixez

finally enjoy a remix of one of the best pieces of work of last year!!

remember if u like this support the artist and buy the material!
diskoteka remixes

Twisted Group Spring Sampler 2007

it might be a litllle late to post promos from spring but here it is ...
spring sampller 07 for twisted records

1. Carl Cox with Saffron - "Get What You Paid 4" (Jon Rundell mix)
2. Ror-shak featuring Julee Cruise - "Fate or Faith" (Ror-shak vs. Static Revengers Big Room mix)
3. Alex Santer - "Compressor" (New mix)
4. Dave Aude & Tall Paul - "Common Ground"
5. Guy Gerber - "Shayn"
6. Matt Darey featuring Antoine & Marcia Juell - "Beautiful Day"
7. e-n - "What's a Girl To Do"
8. Judge Jules - "Without Love"
9. Adam Freemer - "The Rising Storm"
10. DJ Encore - "You Can Walk on Water"
11. DJ Rekha & Dave Sharma - "Bhanghall"