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Thursday, March 15, 2007


winter music conference its coming up n so its my bday march 23 tomorrow im hosting a special bday bash at the pawnshop lounge

heres the rar file to the new tone of cedric... pillss....

i also want to remember all of our readers that this files are only for sampling you should not keep them after you hear them and you should buy the originals if you like them what i dot its not illegal i post links of music i dont directly download it into my page and posting links ITS NOT ILLEGAL....
if anyone has a problem with the links i post you can write me an email and i will be more than glad to delete it

Monday, March 12, 2007

as i moved on- trentemoller

great song from trentemoller not exactly a club joint but very good for listening.. very smart music and nice vocals

bonus track

moan- trentemoller

Sunday, March 11, 2007

his music remix

here is a good remix of the alredy so good song by mark mendes...

Thursday, March 1, 2007

welcome to my blog

hey .. my name is enrico, im from miami and this is my blog. thiis blog its created to all of those that love feel and belive in music. music is freedom, it means to feel and express yourself no matter if you are dancing creating or just enjoying, music its the way i measure time and memories... when i hear a song i remember how it was when it firstt came out and all the times i have enjoyed it. music its perfect, a mathematical armony that somehow controls moods and feelings. you dont know music until it touches you and i belive theres a sound for everybody and everything. theres even a theme to everyones life... music goes good with is hate and love and it can not only be heard but it can also be seen and felt ... theres some that even claim music has its own smeel... music its my life, my drug and my passion. house music its what i like the most... electronic music in general, any music that can be called good and smart, sounds that go beyond just a sound and become deeper, evolve from a tune to a feeling that later becomes a memory and stays there forever... noone can forget their favorite song... it can be years before u hear it again but u will remember it as it will always be there in your head .... music its my favorite memory. music represents my freedom its my way of expressing and letting go off my worries... a tune represents im free , free to dance enjoy and sing to it.theres nothing in life like music ... music evolves and its possibilities seem endless.. enjoy every song as if it was the first and last one you will hear because every song deserves it. thats why i think part of freedom its to share music, and thats why i created this blog to share my music with anyone that would enjoy it as much as i do and to those that want to discover what i mean ...